About Moraflor :

Moraflor is the essence of 3 generations' perfumery experience. In 1921 Mr Moraldo Joseph started his perfumery career as chemist at Lautier Fils (today known as Symerise). From 1925 -1965, he managed and led the Lautier distillation plant in Beyrouth (Libanon). In those days, they used to cultivate and produce the whole of their products. The main distillations practised at that time were those such as Rose, Thymian, the flower and the leaf of Seville Orange and Blackcurrant. His 3 sons were "bathed" in perfume at a very early stage until his son Guy decided in 1959, to start a career as a commercial-engineer at Lautier Fils France for the middle eastern countries.

Mr Guy Moraldo had the ability to win and value his clients in a business and private environment which gave birth over the years to a strong friendship. In 1984, Guy decided to build his own business MORAFLOR to shorten decision processes and to ensure that his clients get the best product quality with the best service In 1994, Mr Eric Moraldo (Guy's son) started his career in the company which he took over in 1996 after his father's death.

Nowadays, new technologies and european/international regulations dictate each company to respect important constraints or rules which explains why Moraflor has invested in up-to-date laboratory and production equipments as well as management tools. Our strong will to satisfy regulations and to present a high quality system gave us the ability to certify in 2003 the ISO 9001 version 2000. Thanks to 3 generations' "know how" and experience, Moraflor has grown from a small company specialized in aromatic products for the middle eastern countries to an international multi-disciplinary business which offers the best products and services.

Our main activities :

Moraflor structure can be split up in three specific sections :

  • PERFUMERY : This section produces basic compounds of fragrances for perfumes, cosmetics, soaps, and all kinds of detergents.
  • FLAVOURS : This section produces flavours for food stuff, drinks and associated industries.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS AND NATURAL PRODUCTS : This section markets the aromatic raw materials produced in Grasse or imported from their countries of origin.

Our Structure :

Moraflor structure includes 3 differents premises :


Our up to date research laboratory is, amongst others, equipped with "Chromatography" and "Spectrometry" offering as main advantages :

  • Diversified creative potential
  • Flexibility and fast response in executing the required order
  • Quality control (Flash point, Specific gravity , Refractive index)
  • Technical consultancy service to support our customers accordingly
  • High quality products at competitive price


Our 500 m2 workshop accomodates :

  • 2 inox mixing tanks with their footbridge. The first one with a capacity of 5 tons, the other one heated and with a capacity of 1 ton.
  • And differents other equipment like, pumps, hot water beds, fork lift truck, electronic balance ...


All our offices are IT equipped to handle your request promptly, in a precise and detailed manner. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and we would be grateful to reply ASAP.

Our Main Markets :

We already do business with :

  • Europe
  • Eastern countries
  • The middle East
  • The far East
  • India
  • Japan
  • Asia
  • South America

Our Main Objectives :

  • Offer high quality products at competitive prices
  • Maintain a close work relationship with our existing customers
  • Identify new business opportunities world-wide and expanding accordingly
  • First class after sale service
  • Enlarge the product range through continuous development and create new products
  • Market our revolutionary perfume creations : "Chant de fleurs", "Croisette", "2001 pour Homme", "Camargue", "Bingo" and "Cool".....

Our "Know How", product range, creativity and flexibility, transmitted from generation to generation, won our customers' loyalty. Our technical and marketing consultancy services assisted them in taking the right decision. Our whole team is at your entire disposal to offer you our best products and services.

To get in touch with us :

MORAFLOR Parc d'Activité du Pilon Lot N° 7 06460 Saint Vallier de Thiey (Grasse) FRANCE Tel: 33 (0) 493 096 233 - Fax: 33 (0) 493 096 449 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You can also use the site menu to send us a sample request.

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